The Tide is High...

The Tide is High...


It was 4pm, the winter sun was low and there was a chill of scattered clouds decorating the sky as we embarked on our motor boat trip to show off Currumbin Creek on the Gold Coast. We were four people from the two extremes of the Australian Coast who had met for the first time 5 minutes earlier! In the boat Liam Phillips and his beautiful girlfriend Chantie from Western Australia along with my husband and I from our beloved Currumbin Creek (pictured below) on the East Coast of Australia.

Earlier in the year I’d stumbled across an Instagram account named @hightdesthat really made me sit up an take notice. It was a gallery that beckoned me to look at all of the images on the page not just the one I had originally viewed. I realised straight away that this drone pilot had an eye for landscape photography different to anything I had seen before. The colours captured in his photography of the the unique and often wild landscapes of Western Australia were a real point of difference in this aerial ocean gallery. Being from the white sandy side of our glorious land made me enjoy the rugged W.A. coastline even more with pink and orange sandy beaches I could see clearly from the air.

The below capture really caught my eye on the day I discovered High Tides

I could instantly picture this image as an abstract artwork because of its colour and perspective that lent itself instantly to the interior design world.

The next chapter begins with us having a chat via direct message on Instagram and after many more conversations I was thrilled to introduce Liam to a local gallery on the Gold Coast. The gallery owners were keen to sign Liam to their gallery as a photographic artist instantly and a selection of his work can now be viewed via


Liam Phillips was born in New Zealand and has lived in Western Australia for half of his 22 years. Being surrounded by such unique landscapes for both halves of his life, naturally he grew a passion for capturing these places.

Liam has always had a curiosity for the ocean, he states to me that it has taught him many ways to express himself, be it through photography or surfing, the sea has always been a schooling ground for him. When introduced to drone photography Liam found a particular interest in the abstract point of views, colours and patterns the coast has to offer.

Talking with Liam on our voyage down the creek I learnt so much about the drone itself as well as the art of aerial photography.


Liam is a passionate surfer as well as a photographer and these two interests have him spending much of his time exploring from his base in Bunbury to locate other magical locations where reefs, beaches and rocky outcrops become perfect for capturing his love of the ocean from above. Surfing by day and camping out under the stars by night in remote Western Australia sounds like a good idea to me!

Liam tells me that Bunbury sits between Perth and Margaret River and that his favourite spots he likes to shoot are mainly around home in Australias South West (Bunbury, Dunsborough, Margaret River). Additionally, in the past few months he has been fortunate to explore the Western Australian Coast, extending from Exmouth all the way down to Esperance and everywhere in between and he is currently road tripping Noosa to Sydney.

Liam goes on to say “So far, I’m purely enjoying the the places and people this journey as an aerial photographer has allowed me to experience. I have plans to visit Canada next May and I would love to road trip New Zealands South Island before then too”

Images above and below of the amazing coastline of Western Australia.

If you would like to join Liam on his journey the details below will help you to locate him and his amazing art!  I feel blessed to have met and now know him, I can’t wait to follow his onwards journey!

By Lisa McGowan:: The Tide is High :: 11 June 2018 For Oars Galore: Info:

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