The Oars Galore Story

The Oars Galore Story

In 2014 Oars Galore founder, Lisa McGowan sat diligently at her desk. A corporate world high achiever, she was currently a manager in Education compliance. Lisa stared into her computer screen dreaming of coastal style interiors and where one day she would fit into the design industry.

Lisas love for living a styled life has always been present. She proudly painted her home furniture in terracotta, blue and mustard yellow in the 90’s to transform her family home into a coastal hacienda. In 2003, the family moved to a country abode and Lisa busily transformed this home with her builder husband Tony.

Lisa has always been an avid collector of sea shells and coastal treasures including glass fishing floats, Oars etc and although not suited to the country style home, the treasures travelled there and were stored in trunks.

In 2006, a chance at building a waterfront home in Currumbin became available and the opportunity was snapped up by Tony and Lisa. A young family built their home together and the adventures of a boating lifestyle began.
Kids both in individual tinny boats and size 4hp motors would run about the creek and canals visiting friends. Often stopping in at the Iconic Boat Shed on the creek for lollies and dinner spoilers (hot potato chips).

A contemporary cool Boat House was the perfect place for the seaside collections ! Any many more were to come.

Zip back to 2014, and Lisa is searching homewares stores for a pair of oars for her own boathouse home. To her disappointment no oars were available or were of poor fake quality. The Oars Galore journey starts here, with much research and many decorative painting courses completed, she was in business.

In 2018, Oars Galore supplies to several coastal homewares stores Australia wide and has supplied for commercial fit outs in iconic venues including Helm Bar Sydney, Pier 33 Mooloolaba, The Kingscliff Caravan Park and The Star Casino just to name a few.

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