Coastal Style, With a Nip of Nautical & a Pinch of Pirate 

About Us

Welcome to our world of Oarsome d├ęcor and design! We custom paint & pattern new oars to suit any decor or colour scheme. 


We will work with you to choose oars accented with paint and pattern that will bring out your personal style. Whether you come to us with a complete wholesale order for your Homewares Store or a one off oar for styling a room, event or photoshoot, we will make your creative vision into reality. If you are looking for inspiration, we are here to help too. 


Our difference,  is that all of our oars are authentic! They are made from only Australian Farmed Timbers.  You'll be amazed at how affordable our pieces can be too! Oars truly are a must have in the coastal home and they are becoming increasingly hard to find - contact us now!